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When I was a very little girl, the spectacle of Union square was dazzling: huge activity, lots of stores and services, a place of significance and a sense of “home” for Somerville residents. It was the pre-mall center of activity.  It died slowly over the decades, but is now coming back in a different but no less significant form. The challenge will be to keep it grounded and retain that sense of home for all of the residents of Somerville.

Every day I am motivated by the enormous challenges we face as a city and the notion that we can accomplish some great things. I have worked hard on open space issues. One of my first acts was to transform a concrete island on Concord Ave to a wonderful green oasis. I followed by working on a new Perry Park, Palmacci Park , two Community gardens and Quincy Park and I continue that advocacy with the upcoming redesign of Lincoln Park. My first challenge as an Alderman was to petition the State to reject the plans for the Argenziano School because it cut off a significant view and portion of open space to Lincoln Park residents and that fight was won. 

Aside from these big picture issues, I believe one of the most important roles for an Alderman is to advocate for constituents for everyday basic issues that affect quality of life such as flooding, rodents, public safety, open space, traffic and parking.

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