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I have been a Somerville Alderman serving this community for 12 years. For nearly 20 years I've been working hard in Health Care Administration to ensure that the highest quality of care and quality of life is being delivered to our communities.  I also grew up in this city, I've seen how Somerville has grown. I'm not afraid of change, and I embrace the direction the city is moving towards. But it's also incredibly important to preserve the character of our community that makes this city great. I believe that the strongest communities are the most active and vocal. I want you to have a say in Somerville's future, throughout this site you will find the tools to keep you informed, engaged, and share your voice.


I work hard to keep Ward 2 a great and thriving place to live, but I represent you and your needs.  Let me know if you see any problem, big or small, in our community.  


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